• People !

    A One Power which can transform the world

  • Join Hands to help our

    Old mothers who are suffering !

  • Baskar A Fire Accident Survivor -

    This New Cylinder has brought New Light to his Life !

  • Our Queens !

    Children are not things to be molded,
    but are people to be unfolded

Our Mission

Our values are our strength

100 % Truth

The biggest value which we carry is being honest in all aspects

Respect All with equality

No one is small in this world, all are capable and strong in their own ways.

Donate for Needs

All people who suffer and cry are waiting for us

Work with no Appreciations

Dont wait for the world to thank you, you thank the world with whatever you have !

Love is ultimate

No cost, No creed, No Sex ! Its all about humanity

Volunteers are our family

What ever, we are today its all because of our family members.

Belive it or Not!

Your donations = Your family Happiness !

Upcoming Events

Recent Activities, and events which are been organised by Foundation with the help !

Become a family member today and lift someone with us ! Happiness is not only in earning money. It's earning people.


  • What We Do ?

    The Healer Foundation is a training foundation. Which does both training and service actions together. Where we educate people on building their self esteem and helping them to reach their goals. In the same time we lift people who are fighting the battle of the life alone

  • Why we do ?

    Giving food, clothes alone will not bring permanent or long time solutions for their problems. Teaching them how to build their own life is the need of the hour and that is what The Healer Foundation's main mission is.

  • How we do ?

    With the help of The Healer Action Team (HAT), we identify cases where the real help reaches.

  • Want to join us ?

    If you are an individual or a team with the heart of helping people without any expectiations, Then reach us and experice the bliss of service.


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